Drilling systematically

Competent and reliable for more than 40 years

As a growing family-run business with a large focus on quality and service, we are known today as a partner with an extensive production range of drilling tools and accessories for special civil engineering. For more than 40 years, we have been developing and manufacturing drilling tools for all common drilling methods. There are almost no limits to the possibilities and the results speak for themselves. Our competent and trained employees deliver consequently the highest quality, always oriented to the demands of our clients.

Through steady growth and orientation to the developing market, we can produce with our specialists on a total area of 10 000 m² and therefore guarantee a short-term and timely production of your products.

In addition to the tools for rotation drilling such as Kelly drilling, VDW system, double head drilling, SOB tools for drilling, displacement augers or standard augers for all soil types with a wide range class 1 through 7, we also provide our customers with spare parts and accessories, such as couplings, adapters, bits, bit holders, cardanic joints, auger flights, connectors, auger guides, rotary drive adaptors and much more.

Our history

Siegfried Friedhoff

Company founder

Passed away in 2018


In 1958 this family run business was founded. Its origin was wholesale with spare and wearing parts for vehicles and construction and agricultural machines. In the added-on workshop, the flames-spray-technique and powder-coating-technique were being developed and used as a wear-resistant layer on various construction pieces. Since the beginning, flight augers, auger heads and attachments were developed and manufactured.


The new buildings are set on the green.


This led to the foundation of the company (ABF-Bohrtechnik) ABF–technik with its main focus on drilling techniques. Due to the high craftsmanship of the employees, the company grew continuously. Regarding Mr. Siegfried Friedhoff´s far-sightedness and the quality of the products, the company became well known in all parts of Germany and in foreign countries.


Due to lack of space, all production halls and offices were considerably expanded. The (ABF-Bohrtechnik) ABF-technik doubled their production area.


After the last production hall expansion in the year 2000 the potentially dynamic company (ABF-Bohrtechnik) ABF-technik is situated on 25.000 m2 of which 8.500 m2 are buildings. At the present time 150 employees are working in administration, construction, work preparation and production. These people are the ones who guarantee the quality and on schedule production of our products.


Due to excellent order situation, ABF reaches their limit of capacities. The company decides to build a new production hall. Summer 2007 is the big move. The production now takes place in a 30% larger production facility.


As a result of the positive economic situation and changing product groups, a move to a larger production hall with administrative building was due in 2017. The production area was increased by approx. 30% and optimal possibilities were created.


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