Drilling systematically


Casings made out of tubes (steel grade S355 J2G3) with wall thicknesses of 8 –15 mm for inner tube and 12–20 mm for outer tube. The inner clearance between tubes is filled by spiral or lengthwise reinforcement.

Standard augers, vertical and horizontal

Standard augers are to be used to achieve piles without casings or for pre-drilling. ABF manufactures those augers insizes from100 mm up to 1,500 mm in diameter.

Hollow stem augers

Hollow stem augers are being produced in sizes starting from approx. 128 mm upwards. Couplings are designed according to the needed torque.


The automatic casing drive adapter is a development of ABF-Bohrtechnik and has the European patent no. 1624151.

CFA-, FOW- and double rotary head-tools

For the drilling processes CFA / FoW / Double Rotary Head, all necessary components are being manufactured and delivered. This includes CFA-Augers with concrete passage (ID 65, 80, 100, 125 mm), starters, casings, casing drive adapters, concrete swivel heads, rotary drive adapters, etc. up to auger guides.

Full displacement part

To establish a full displacement pile, a steel tube with a full displacement unit is brought into the ground. The full displacement part is equipped with a “lost tip” or with a cover plate. The soil is fully displaced during drilling of the tube into the ground.

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