For the drilling processes CFA / FoW / Double Rotary Head all necessary components are beeing manufactured and delivered. This includes CFA-Augers with concrete passage (ID 65, 80, 100, 125 mm), starters, casings, casing drive adapters, concrete swivel heads, rotary drive adapters, etc. up to auger guides. Deliverable coupling systems are hexagonal or octagonal couplings as well as claw couplings with maximum torque up to 480 kNm and corresponding pulling forces.

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Casing drive adapters consist out of an adapter plate – connection according to customers‘ request –, an extension tube with inspection holes and a female casing joint. The joint comprises a manual interlocking system, threaded rings and threaded conical locking bolts. To reduce abrasion of the coupling system, the female coupling is reinforced by u-shaped wear-resistant steel. Standard usable length is 1,200 mm; other lengths are also available. For usage with high torque connectors can be made out of material 25 CrMo 4 V.

vdw1 vdw2

FoW Casings – Normally casings for Front of Wall systems are single walled. Usable length are feasible up to 14 m.

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