Standard Augerheads and Augers

ABF Drilling Heads

ABF Drilling Heads are available in a multitude of types – with flat teeth, round shank bits, or as a combination. In standard version, starting from diameter 250 mm, a hexagonal coupling (70 mm) is used. According to customers’ requests we certainly produce different sizes.

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ABF-Drilling Augers

ABF-Drilling Augers for vertical drilling are made in solid welding construction with seamless central tube. Central tube and connectors are centred in order to receive smooth running of the auger. Female connectors are broached in high precision; as material for male connectors we choose 42 CrMo 4. Augers are delivered including male connector and screws. Flight edges along the entire usable length are armoured. On request we also produce other connectors for higher torque, other flight thickness or different flight pitches.

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