Kelly Tools


We produce augers for all types of soil. Auger heads are equipped with flat teeth or with round shank bits accordingly. Pilot bits are exchangeable. Kellybox dimensions range from 110 mm up to 200 mm for max. torque of 480 kNm. Standard usable length is 1500 mm.

For Augers type BSS and BSSZ instead of bit holders special cutting edges out of fine grained steel with specialized cutting geometry are used which guarantee very good drilling results also in heavy soil. Additionally flight edges for these types of augers are protected by Tungsten-Carbide-Stripes.

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ABF Drilling Buckets are equipped with a hinged revolving bottom gate. The gate can be opened manually or mechanically by using a pressure spring pin. The pilot is replaceable, adapter square 100 mm. A ventilation for anti-suction is included. Standard usable length is 1000 mm. The revolving bottom is faced with round shank bits or flat teeth in the following types:

BE-RL: with reamer
BE-FM: with flat teeth
BE-WG: with round shank bits
BE-F: with round shank bits for rock

P1010880 eimer2 eimer1 Portfolio ABF 001

Core Barrels – Standard usable length fot core barrels is 1200 mm. The following types are available:

RM: tube with flights, cutting ring with round shank bits
BFZ: cutting teeth with carbide plates, usable only in clockwise direction
AKS: carbide octagonal bits, usable only in clockwise direction
BAS: without flights, cutting bars with carbide inserts in weld-on type

kernbohr2 kernbohr3 kernbohr1

Belling Buckets – The conical underreaming occurs by unfolding the two cutting arms which are faced with round shank bits in order to drill in middle hard stone. The lower part of the round body is built out as a drilling bucket for reception and dumping of the soil. The bucket is equipped with a revolving bottom gate or a bearing supported thrust plate, alternatively. It includes a ventilation pipe to prevent vacuum development. Main stressed parts are coated by using flame spraying technique. Types and dimensions on request.

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